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Award 2020

This year the ADECOSE Foundation has granted the 2020 Solidarity Award to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) for its social aid work. Given the exceptional circumstances, the ADECOSE has also granted an Extraordinary Solidarity Award to Godmother Foundation in recognition of its “Mother Programme”, which was designed to support women and families during the pandemic.

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The ADECOSE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that develops

training, cultural and ethical values initiatives and promotes socially responsible and sustainable projects.

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Promoting the professionalism, independence and service vocation of professionals in the insurance sector in general, insurance and reinsurance brokerage firms in particular.

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Developing innovation and education projects related to the insurance sector.

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Promoting the visibility of women in positions of responsibility within the insurance sector.


Presentación del Informe Covid-19

ADECOSE ha elaborado, en colaboración con el despacho de abogados Gómez-Acebo & Pombo y con la consultoría AFI, un «Informe Covid-19» para analizar el impacto de la pandemia en el sector asegurador, sus principales consecuencias y futuros escenarios a nivel nacional y europeo.

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Management Development Programme.

Digital Transformation Programme.

We promote

CSR initiatives

We develop numerous CSR initiatives at the ADECOSE Foundation, both our own and those for the sector as a whole, in order to promote and achieve our objectives in the fields of education, equality and sustainability.


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